It's all about being results driven

We worked with this client in the outdoor category. They had an existing product with sales history and then we had a new product (with multiple variations) to launch.

We started with extensive market and keyword result. Using our tried and tested techniques with PPC advertising we scaled the brand to almost $80,000 from less than $1000 per month.

We also track almost 40 different KPIs for every brand and report on these to our clients.  

As the graph shows, we track the cost to acquire a customer. This is especially important for brand selling products with repeat buys. A nice trend down at the same time as growing sales. Job done!


We have been working with this client for a while now. We focused on ranking their main keywords to drive organic sales and therefore profits. So far so good!

It’s not always about scaling and growth. We work to achieve the goals of our clients. Maintaining a strong and consistent conversion rate is something we as PPC specialists focus heavily on. Conversion on Amazon affects so many things so making sure PPC traffic is ‘relevant’ is critical.

We have been working with this seller for a long time. Steady growth is the plan of action whilst ensuring the KPIs like ACoS is maintained. We cannot always promise a nice ACoS like this, but we work with seller accounts like they are our own accounts.

Investing in marketing can pay off well. Sometimes you just need to spend to get the ranking and organic sales can follow. Another new client we have been working with since late last year.

We are efficient ! We value our time as well as your time and money. For weekly bid optimization we work with bulk files.

Orange Rocket are global!

One of our European clients is crushing it in Germany and selling throughout Europe. We work with clients selling in nearly all major Amazon markets. We speak your PPC language.